Startup Weekend Boulder

This weekend I spent over two full days at the 5th Startup Weekend Boulder.  The first Startup Weekend was held in Boulder but is now in over 100 cities across the world.  In case you haven’t heard of it, “Startup Weekend is an intense 54 hour event which focuses on building a web or mobile … Continue reading

Buy/sell/trade in 2011

A few trends in the world of buy/sell/trade that I think will be worth keeping an eye on this year: First is Best Buy’s continued expansion of their Trade-In program.  Until recently, GameStop has been the only major player in this business model — and even then, only for video game software and hardware.  Best Buy launched a … Continue reading

First Crossfit

Just got home and trying to recover from our first Crossfit workout.  I talked Catherine in to going with, which is a small victory in itself. We actually both really liked it and I think I’m going to start going regularly once we get settled in Denver.  For anyone in Dallas wanting to check it … Continue reading

Vacation, Moving

Just got home yesterday from our vacation to South Beach.  It was a great week of food, reading, and laying on the beach. All of the food we had was awesome, but my favorites were Tap Tap (Haitian) and Sushi Samba.  It was also interesting being there during The Decision.  We actually walked by where … Continue reading

Homebrew update

One of Catherine’s Christmas gifts to me this year was a beer home-brew kit.  So far I have made two batches and the third will be ready soon.  The first, a Irish Stout, was an all extract kit and came out decent — more of a starter beer.  The second was a Belgian Wit and … Continue reading

Learning to code

I’ve decided to try an teach myself some basic programming skills.  Not planning on trying to find work as a programmer anytime soon but with today’s tech driven start up world — I think it will be some good knowledge to have.  I’ve also been motivated by some VC bloggers such as Brad Feld:  See … Continue reading

First post!

So after much procrastination, I’ve finally started my blog.  I am a big believer  in the fact that in the digital age it is important to develop your own personal brand.  This blog will serve that purpose as well as a way for me to share my thoughts on my life and on business in general. Just a … Continue reading