First post!

So after much procrastination, I’ve finally started my blog.  I am a big believer  in the fact that in the digital age it is important to develop your own personal brand.  This blog will serve that purpose as well as a way for me to share my thoughts on my life and on business in general.

Just a little background on myself — I grew up in Colorado, graduated from Baylor University in 2008, and currently work with Entertainmart in Dallas, TX.  I am as self-proclaimed entrepreneur and have a passion for start up companies.  My connection to Entertainmart is through Andrew Carby, my roommate and fraternity brother in college.  His uncle, Mark Kane, is a successful retail entrepreneur who started both CD Warehouse and Movie Trading Company.  Mark and his three nephews started Entertainmart in 2004.  I first worked with the company in the summer of 2007 while we were opening the 3rd store in Arlington.  We now have 10 stores and expect over $30 million in revenue this year.


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