Vacation, Moving

Just got home yesterday from our vacation to South Beach.  It was a great week of food, reading, and laying on the beach.

All of the food we had was awesome, but my favorites were Tap Tap (Haitian) and Sushi Samba.  It was also interesting being there during The Decision.  We actually walked by where D. Wade was watching LeBron’s decision.

Immediately after we landed in Miami, Catherine turned her phone back on and was greeted with a job offer in Denver!  It was great timing and an awesome start to the week.  I haven’t really publicized the fact that Catherine and I have been planning on moving to Denver.  The situation has been pretty fluid so we have only told close friends and family since we haven’t been very sure on timing.  We started talking in June about doing some stuff with the EntertainMart in Colorado Springs, but a number of questions remained with Catherine’s job, getting our house in Richardson filled (since we are 5 months into a year long lease), and finding housing up there.  We’re both really excited for the move.  I haven’t lived there since high school and I’m ready to get back to my home state.

Catherine has started here own blog as well: Grits to Granola

Check her blog for updates on the move.  She will probably be more focused on our life and move to Denver (hence the title).


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